|| WORLDS UNTOLD || by Bruno Soares

The tide was high when we arrived. We made fair use of that day, the children ran with the dogs. We, just happy, observed everything! This is life, I thought!

Looking at the sea, my mind travelled with each wave that spread. I was at one of the many beaches in my country, and I was feeling well.

The name of the village is lovely “Mil Fontes”, the beach accompanies this beauty, but it is when the tide ebbs that the magic begins to arrive!

And I knew, I was already waiting. The end of the day would come, and the sea would move away giving space to an infinity of laced pools, each becoming a small world of life!

And there, looking at this whole show and contemplating another sunset, I just thought about how it would be possible to have so much beauty!
Above all, my thinking pointed to the fact that we humans think that the Universe was made for us, when in fact so many, infinite perhaps, worlds will exist!

We just don’t see them, we are covered by our own tide!

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