Vestrahorn by Michael Voss

To take pictures of the Vestrahorn at sunset or sunrise, we stayed two nights in Höfn in the southeast of Iceland. On the first morning it was completely overcast, nevertheless we decided to invest the not to be despised entrance fee for this area. Most areas of Iceland are privately owned. Many owners make capital out of beautiful photo spots by charging an entrance fee. Well, positively seen the money can be seen as a nature conservation fee. The owner of this area charges 1800 crowns for 2 persons. This corresponds to about 14 Euro. Iceland is anything but cheap anyway. So in 2 weeks a lot of things will be done there!
But hardly driven through the barrier the sky opened up and showed itself from its best side. The beach here is very flat, so after the waves are gone, a film remains on the sand for a few seconds, which you can use for reflections.
I can only recommend to take high rubber boots with you or to take into account feet soaking wet like me – because unfortunately the waves are not always the same height. Well, but with a second pair of hiking boots in the car it was not so wild. It’s also worth taking a longer tele into the area, because there are seals and some nice birds to see.
And in the cafe you can get really delicious waffles in different designs.

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