Taiwan Bunun Holy bird of fire in myth by FuYi Chen

Taiwan Bunun Holy bird of fire in myth | 台灣布農族神話中的聖火鳥
In fact, there is an indigenous legend about the origin of its red beak:
Once upon a time, a mountain indigenous tribe, Bunun(布農族), encountered a massive flood and took shelter on the top of the Jade Mountain (玉山). Unfortunately, the tribe people didn’t bring enough food and clothes with them in such emergency, so not after a few days children were all freezing and starving.

Black bulbul took upon itself the task of bring the kindling material and fire to the tribe people.
Its feathers were burnt coal black, but it finally fulfilled the task, bringing the life-saving blazing torch with its heated, red-hot beak and feet. As a result, black bulbul is considered sacred by Bunun people.

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鳥類名稱 Bird Name:紅嘴黑鵯 (Himalayan Black Bulbul – Taiwan Bunun sacred bird | 紅嘴黑鵯-台灣布農族聖鳥) クロヒヨドリ / Himalayan Black Bulbul. 學名 Scientific Name:Hypsipetes leucocephalus. 科名 Family:鵯科(Pycnonotidae). 短腳鵯屬(Hypsipetes).
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