|| STRONG IN SUFFER || by Bruno Soares

When in life, you are strong, and others see you just like that, strong, resistant and unbreakable, you become a haven for those who need that strength to follow their own journey in this World.

And it is when you need strength to yourself that you realize that you are alone. You cannot give up, it is not what is expected from you as you are used to be seen as an immovable fortress that also makes the others stronger.

It was like this that I saw this beautiful rock in the sea that day, strong and isolated, resisting, often in suffering, to all the weathers that would be coming into her.
I also saw the other rocks looking at her only hoping that she will resist and quickly find her usual energy! All because they do not know how to help her, they never knew, she also does not let them.

Fortunately, better days come when the sun shines on everything and brings with it the energy to keep everything going!

Life is indeed a fantastic journey in which all the tough times serve the purpose of valuing the good ones!

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