Sonoran Winter by Peter Coskun Nature Photography

I started off 2019 up and early eager to see if weather predictions were going to be accurate. My girlfriend and I set out to explore the Superstition Mountains before sunrise hoping to watch the sun illuminate a winter dressed Sonoran Desert. With the snow only dropping so far down, we ventured further and further hoping to find something different. As we rounded a bend in the road an amphitheater of red rock, snow, and low clouds forced us to stop. We watched and photographed as the low clouds swept across the rugged peaks covered with Saguaro cacti. As I was focused on the dramatic peaks in front of me, I wanted to turn around and see what was going on behind me. To my amazement, the low clouds were beginning to be lit up by the rising sun. Because of the extreme dynamic range of the scene, I decided to just expose for the highlights as the immediate foreground was rather messy. This provided an incredible row of silhouetted Saguaro cacti against the freshly blanketed foothills and low laying clouds. The morning was just full of light and atmosphere that rarely ever occurs in this region. We certainly took advantage of the conditions, and the best part was we hardly saw anyone out where we were and got to truly enjoy it.

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