|| POETIC LAYERS || by Bruno Soares

Sitting there, I imagine the world that I have before my eyes.

Admiring the beautiful islet that endures there, I see, in fact, a delicious pile of pancakes that, quickly, will be bathed by that golden light of the Sun that actually seems to me to be honey to sweeten my mind even more!

It is then that I glimpse real paths along the lines that come out of the wonderful rocks that I have closer to me! They look like a road towards paradise I think!

I am already ecstatic with all this spartan beauty that I have before me when my eyes join one structure to the other.
They are seeing something, it is a comma. A comma? Asks my brain a little bit confused.

And I realized. In fact, all these lines are from books accumulated in time, with beautiful poems written by the sky, through clouds and inlaid with an exquisite light!

And so our life goes on, with layers and commas that, instead of separating, they connect all the moments from the least good to the ones we like to remember the most!

Making this path that is life something extraordinary!

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