Muse by Irina Dzhul

?Once I was offered to participate in the program “MY Profession” on the M1 channel. ⠀
?My task was to shoot a new interesting idea, the only unusual factor was the supervision of cameras. After that I gave an interview.
?The model was a TV presenter of the same program Emma Di.
?Since M1 is a music channel, I immediately got the idea to shoot “Muse”.
?She visits everyone, it is sad without her. I want to experience this inspiring feeling, a surge of energy again.
?She is in perpetual motion, she comes and goes, she is mythical and magical, she suddenly appears and just as unexpectedly disappears, she is like a ghost, a subtle matter.
?The shooting took place against the background of cascades of a lilac garden with smoke bombs.
?The main requisite was a cello, which my husband Svyat Bazyuk
and I bought at a flea market and decorated with our own hands.

? The backstage video about how we made the decor:
Photo backstage from the shooting:

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