Moscow metro station Smolenskaya by Yuri Depeche

Smolenskaya (Russian: Смоленская) is a station on the Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line of the Moscow Metro. It was built in 1953 to replace an older station of the same name, though that one was later reopened as part of the Filyovskaya line. The two stations are not connected.

Smolenskaya has square, white marble columns with fluted corners, decorative cornices, and ventilation grilles concealed behind ornamental sconces. At the end of the platform is a bas-relief by G.I. Motovilov entitled “The Defenders of Russia,” which depicts soldiers of the Red Army in battle. The architects of the station were Igor Rozhin and G. P. Yakovlev. At 50 m below the surface, Smolenskaya was the deepest station on the line until Park Pobedy opened in 2003.

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