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Who said Iceland has no trees?

Shot on the road to Þingvellir. during a hectic car trip, trying once more to find the much wanted Northern Lights. It was our last night in the country, with a plane to catch at 7am, and Aurora activity seemed to be quite high. We ended up deciding not do sleep during the night, just to try to catch those gorgeous lights just one more time. We did not regret the decision, as this was the most intense night of the whole 14 day trip. Finding decent spots was quite a challenge, but fortunately we had about an hour to scout the location, and this pine tree forest was one of the chosen places.

Technical: Sony a7R + Zeiss 16-35mm f4 | Exposure: 30 seconds | Aperture: f/4 | ISO: 3200 | Tripod | Remote shuitter release

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