|| COLD HAPPY MOMENTS || by Bruno Soares

When a photo takes you back in time, it deserves a special place in your heart!

It was on Iceland’s roads that I took my family in 2017. It was the first time that we rented a Caravan, it was the first time that we were in such a magical country, where fire and ice coexist!
It was, in fact, an unforgettable moment for all of us!

We were already going beyond the middle of our trip, we had already seen the most varied beauties that Iceland has to offer us, but this day the trip was recorded in my memory forever!

It was already getting dark, an epic snowstorm was coming, and we were reaching the imposing Godafoss!
Leaving the Caravan, we ran to see this wonder of the Gods up close and, suddenly, I looked at my side and saw!

My children were playing together with happiness that only they can feel, completely lying in that fluffy and fresh snow while throwing balls at each other, or rubbing themselves against that white cotton!

It was then that I found myself walking with a child’s smile on my face towards the place that I would contemplate and keep in my mind forever! The Godafoss waterfall!

I was happy. I was thrilled, because I was there as a photographer, but also as a father and husband!

And the storm came! And white and blue everything became!

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