Chip an’ Dale by Roland Krause

Chip ‘n’ Dale (In Germany the two A-Hörnchen and B-Hörnchen were called) are two comic strip or chipmunks created by the Walt Disney Company. Since 1991 they have been called Chip and Chap in the series Chip and Chap – Die Ritter des Rechts in Germany and Austria; however, comics continue to be published under their ancestral names (see below). The English name Chip ‘n’ Dale is a pun on the name Chippendale (see Thomas Chippendale).
They made their first appearance in 1943 in the animated short film Private Pluto, in which they annoyed the dog Pluto. However, they only got their name at their third appearance in the Oscar-nominated short film Chip an’ Dale (1947), in which they first got into a fight with Donald Duck, who was to become their opponent at most appearances. In 1951 they got their own animated film series, in which only three short films were made.
Ahörnchen (Chip) is the more intelligent part of the duo. He has a black nose. He is calculating and thus represents a contrast to Behörnchen (Dale), who besides his red nose and his widely spaced incisors is characterized by his twisted behaviour.

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